HOYER GROUP Whistleblower System

Are you aware of grievances or violations of the law within HOYER GROUP, or do you perhaps have just a suspicion of such? If so, please inform us. In this way you can protect and support us all. We treat your data confidentially. On request you will remain anonymous. We follow up all reports cautiously and responsibly.

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If you have indications that employees of HOYER GROUP are not acting in the interests of our company or are otherwise acting incorrectly, you will help us by reporting this. This includes serious Compliance violations and criminal offences such as corruption and fraud, theft and embezzlement, coercion and workplace harassment, as well as other irregularities such as discrimination, abuse of power and other breaches of duty. Impending or planned violations can and should also be reported. The same applies to mere suspicions. Even if these subsequently turn out to be unfounded, there is no risk whatsoever of disadvantages for the whistleblower. The whistleblower system is not suitable for reporting emergencies.

You have various reporting channels at your disposal: you can submit your report by telephone, email, letter or fax, or using the reporting form. On request you will remain anonymous. The interposition of trusted lawyers guarantees confidential treatment of your report. Following receipt of your report, you will receive acknowledgement of receipt of your report. If you have provided contact details, our whistleblower team will contact you regarding any questions they may have. If you use the reporting form, you can submit your report in writing and upload files to substantiate your report. All commonly used file formats are accepted. You decide which data to provide, whether you wish to remain anonymous or if you are available to our trusted persons concerning questions they may have.

All information concerning your person will be treated responsibly, and on request confidentially. You can even submit your report anonymously. The whistleblower system complies with the relevant statutory rules. All reports are received and processed by trusted lawyers before being forwarded to the Compliance department of HOYER GROUP. [LegalTech on data security]

Whistleblowers enjoy labor-law protection if, at the time of submitting the report, they had sufficient reason to assume that the information reported by them was true. They must not suffer any labor-law disadvantages. This also applies if a reported suspicion subsequently turns out to be unfounded.

You have various reporting channels at your disposal: you can submit your report by telephone, email, letter or fax, or using the reporting form. If you do not wish to use this reporting form, please contact  Dr. Sascha Schewiola at Magnusstraße 13 , 50672 Köln , +49 221 20 52-0 , +49 221 20 52-1 , koeln@heuking.de.

You can contact us by telephone or email concerning any questions you may have. In case of doubt, use of the whistleblower system is however advisable. Our trusted lawyers treat reports received responsibly and circumspectly, and process them on the basis of a wealth of experience.

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WhistleFox is a technically and organizationally independent whistleblower service offered by the commercial law firm Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek. More information on our law firm: www.heuking.de.

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